I do most of my monotypes by covering a copper plate in ink, then subtracting what I don't want. Then I place some presoaked paper on top of the plate and run it through the a press. A reverse of the image is then transfered to the page. Some times, I'll do a second run to get a 'ghost print' which is just like the original with less ink and often times very surprising results.

Coyote & Sheep, monotype with watercolors, NFS

Elephant Procession in India, monotype, NFS

Unicorn Peak, Tuolumne Meadows, monotype

A Car in Taos, NM, monotype

Window to the Past, Wupataki Indian Ruins, AZ, monotype, NFS

Iraqi, monotype

Lets Celebrate Together, monotype

Dancing Pizza Pie, monotype

Pickled Punk, Baby Bird Version, monotype with watercolors

Inner Worlds, monotype

Untitled, monotype

Skull on Red, monotype with watercolors