Due to the lack of light pollution, I've been able to experiment with night photography. Night is such a great time to be out and exploring. Everything changes and what was obvious becomes mysterious and the benign becomes errie. Growing up on the east coast where light pollution is a consistent problem, I was blown away with the clarity of the night skies out west. If you're intersted in finding the darkest sites near you, you can check out this map: Lightpollutionmap.info

Yosemite Falls Moonbow, April 2017

Moonrise over San Francisco

Storm over Yellowstone

Bishop, California

Colored Nights, Wyoming

Valley of the Gods, Utah

The Tuolumne River under the Milky Way

Highway 101 north of Santa Cruz

Moonrise over the Tuolumne River

Painting with Light, Yosemite Valley

The Old Farm Tree, Armonk, New York

Wupataki Indian Ruins, Arizona

Yellowstone Highway

San Francisco at Dusk

Car Camping, Southwest Utah

Geyser Reflections, Yellowstone National Park

Twin Peaks, San Francisco

Camping on the Big Island of Hawaii

Camping in Valley of the Gods, Utah

Bishop, California from the White Mountains

Car Camping on the Eastside

Bristle Cone Pine, Patriarch Grove

Yosemite on Fire