Yosemite has inspired people for centuries, but it's only inspired photographers for a couple of generations now. Each artist has brought their own vision and intepretaion to a landscape that defies description. This is my humble addition to the long tradition.

Merced River

Snowy Nights in the Valley

Blue Reflections

The Rim Fire and Yosemite Village

El Capitan and the Merced

Stormclouds over the Dana Plateau

Sentinel Rock

The very majestic Awahanee Hotel in Yosemite Valley

Treelit Series #9

Silent Steeple

Tunnel View Tunnel

Happy Isles Morning

Winter Flow

Christmas in the Valley

Half Dome in Snow

Late Summer Flowers

Last Light on the High Country

View from the South Rim

Serene Spring Day along the Merced

Alpine Glow on El Cap

Old Timey Yosemite (photo manipulation)